ELWOW : Enjoying Living Working in Oneness and Worship. In the Race to EXCELLENCE there is no FINISH LINE. Enjoying the process of reaching a milestone and continue the journey of happiness by setting and reaching further milestone.


To be a World Class Organization by following the best practices in whatever we do and attain leadership position in our areas of operation. To ensure a totally enjoyabale working experience with us to our staff members, our principals and our customers.

M.D. Message


In Fatec we believe in achieving success in this outer world through P4 and in the Inner world through T4. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one in Fatec team for their special efforts and quality service rendered to our customers. I would also like to pass on my gratitude to our principals and our customers for their highly valued support and special thanks to everyone else I come in contact with during this life journey which makes this journey an enjoyable experience.

Outer World

Passion: We are passionate about the responsibility we undertake and we put in our 100% to achieve the desired results.

Perseverance: We do not give up. We have the courage to accept responsibility for all our actions.

We specialize in our focused area of operations and earnestly strive to continuously improve our processes and our expertise to serve our customers.


Predictability: We strive to take the right decisions at the right time predicting the future trends.

Inner World

Trust: We Trust our being, our fellow being and our surroundings.

Truth: We believe in truthful Consciousness, in Honesty, Transparency, Strong moral Principals and high ethical standards in every respect.

Tranquility: We believe in achieving Inner Happiness, Peace and Satisfaction to enjoy our Successes and Failures in this outer world.


Timeless: We belive in living in an eternal world and achieve limitless things thus being in a timeless inner world.

Let us all endeavour to balance our Outer and Inner worlds.